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My NYX Make-Up Collection

Wales, UK
My make up collection in general is super tiny compared to most, My NYX make-up collection is barely there at all and as much as I would to have an extensive collection 1. I just can’t afford it and 2. I very rarely wear much else other than my basics.

NYX Make-Up

I bought my very first NYX item when I was 21 (and I still have it, gross I know) I bought ES81 Chick which is a yellow coloured eyeshadow when I was in Florida and I loved it, I still do but after that I didn’t buy anything else until I was in Canada in 2015 as stores didn’t stock it here in the UK, while there on holiday I bought the Love In Florence palette,  ES158 Burgundy Pearl single, ES78A Sensual single and the HS06 Bad Seed single.

NYX Make-Up
Then I added a couple more bits to my collection when I moved to Canada later that year. Mostly lip products though - BLG22 Devil’s Food Cake Butter Gloss, SPL817 hot red lip liner,  SPL812 plump liner and SPL836 bloom lip liner, I have yet to purchase anything now I’m back home as the boots stores around me still don’t stock it.

So there you go, there is that first ever eyeshadow I bought all those years ago, I used to wear the yellow a lot with a red eyeshadow I had these days I tend to just us it in the corners of my eyes to brighten them.

NYX Make-Up

As you can probably see from the photographs, apart from the yellow and the chunk I’ve managed to take out of the pink they are pretty much unused, I just don’t have occasions to wear eyeshadow these days so I mostly use the black as an alternative to liquid eyeliner.

I’d really like to get some more products in my collection, especially the butter glosses. What do you think of NYX? What are your favourite products?

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