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My Top 5 Things To Do In Nashville

Nashville, TN, USA
I have been meaning to write this post for a long time now, It’s been nearly a year since I was in Nashville and I have been thinking about writing a post since then, so here we are and I have decided to go down the lines of my top 5 Things to do in Nashville. We were there for 4 days and I have a tonne of photos but I have tried to keep it to a minimum as not to overload you. 

My Top 5 Things To Do In Nashville

Obviously some of these things are all dependant on your budget and how much time you have there but these were my favourite places to visit while I was there.

So lets start with the Ryman Auditorium which we didn’t actually have time to do, we had to choose between this and the Opry and me being a fan of the TV show Nashville I really wanted to go to the Opry. The Ryman was the original venue where the country music acts used to play, but eventually the Opry was built and the acts moved to play there. You can now see music acts play at both the Ryman and the Opry, If you click the title link it’ll take you to the Ryman website where you can read about it’s history or if you’re in the area, book some tickets.

My Top 5 Things To Do In Nashville

Unfortunately we didn’t get tickets to a concert as we didn’t know who any of the acts were, they were bound to be amazing but we decided against it, both my Dad and I now wish we’d have booked anyway, so If you have the chance I really urge you to get concert tickets regardless of how well know the artists might be.

Saying that we did actually do the backstage daytime tour, we just turned up on the day and bought tickets, tickets cost $26 each and they were well worth the money. You get to go backstage and you have guides which tell you what happens where and artists they have there. You’re allowed into some of the dressing rooms and you’re allowed to take as many photos as your heart desires, you end the tour on the Opry stage where you can have your photo (you have to pay for this) taken on the Circle which is from the original stage at the Ryman. 

I loved this tour, I took too many photos but also not enough photos, at the end of the tour there is a gift shop where I bought my awesome “Don’t put dirt on my grave just yet” t-shirt. I would really recommend you go here if your visiting Nashville. 

My Top 5 Things To Do In Nashville

Another place you should really visit if your a fan of country music artists, this place caters for all ages. I loved it, they have tonnes of information, videos, memorabilia of all kinds. I took plenty of photos in here. We paid $24.95 each to get in here and I think it’s well worth the money, depending on how quick you walk around and how much information you actually read you could easily spend an afternoon in here. There are so many interesting things in here. Also at the end there is another gift shop, everyone loves a gift shop right?!

My Top 5 Things To Do In Nashville

This was somewhere my Dad wanted to visit as we have family in Greece and have been to the real Parthenon ourselves, It’s free to walk around in the park and around the building but its $6 each to go inside where there is information on the structure and a large Athena statue inside, I also ear wigged on a tour guide and heard her say how they had filmed a couple of scenes for Percy Jackson there, to my delight as I love those movies. There isn't much else there but if it’s your kind of thing its fairly cheap and worth a look.

My Top 5 Things To Do In Nashville

If your a fan of country music, which you probably are if you find yourself in Nashville, it doesn’t matter what bar you find yourself in there will be live bands and singers in every single one and you won’t hear any bad music, granted some artists are miles better than others but they’re all good. If I’m honest, it baffles me how people who are this good are still just singing in bars to get themselves heard and people like Britney Spears - who lets be fair, without autotune can’t sing all that well have made it big. 

I’m all for the little man, I love a lot of smaller singers and bands purely because they can actually sing and I feel like it’s money well spent why I buy their records or go to their concerts, we heard so many amazing singers they deserve so much more recognition. 

My favourite bar way Honky Tonk Central where we spent a good couple of hours listening to live music and eating Philly Cheese Steak - which by the way, was amazing, But again no one bar was better than the next.

I would go back to Nashville in a heartbeat. I loved it there. Have you been to Nashville? Or are you planning a trip there? Hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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