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Clogau Gold Necklace 'Am Byth'

Wales, UK
Clogau Gold is one of those things that I have always wanted but never thought I’d have, I like jewellery but I’m set in my ways, I have the things I wear every day and I very rarely change them and I never wear fashion jewellery, so I couldn’t really ever justify their prices, but my amazing boyfriend spent way over our Christmas budget and bought me a beautiful Clogau Gold necklace.

Clogau Gold Necklace 'Am Byth'

About Clogau Gold
Clogau is a second generation family business based in Wales that has been creating unique, handcrafted jewellery containing rare Welsh gold for over 25 years.

Our association with Historic Royal Palaces celebrates and acknowledges our Welsh and British royal roots that are at the heart of all that we do.

Every piece we create contains rare Welsh gold taken from the mountains of Snowdonia, the same gold as used by royalty for over 100 years. This gives our unique jewellery a Royal heritage and cultural legacy that spans the last century. Taken from their website.

Clogau Gold Necklace 'Am Byth'

Their jewellery is absolutely beautiful, I have looked through their website many a time and just can’t help but say “I like that’ or ‘ooo that’s gorgeous’ If i had the money I would have an extensive collection. Along with necklaces they have earrings, bracelets, watches, rings and charms and they cater for both women and men

For any non-welshies reading this the inscription on the necklace says ‘Am Byth’ which means forever in welsh. It was one that I previous said I had liked while flipping through a catalogue. I love the blue colour and the rose gold band which sits on the edge of the inner circle.

Do you have any Clogau Gold jewellery?


  1. Wow, this such a lovely pice of jewellery, and it's nice to see something unique on a blog post! Love it :) Also, I love the fact it is a family run business, and is bespoke. I like wearing meaningful piece, I feels better than wearing the same things a lots of other people.

    Great post x

    1. Thank you lovely. I love the necklace so much I thought it deserved a blog post. Their jewellery is amazing. thanks for the comment.


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