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Getting Braces at 29

Wales, UK
So I have been meaning to start this post for a while now about the run up to getting my braces but I guess I have just been avoiding the subject altogether, as much as I really want straight teeth I really didn't want braces and I’ve managed to put it off for about 15 years but now is crunch time. I am turning 30 next year and I wanted to get them sorted.

I have never liked my teeth but somehow I have managed to push it to the back of my mind, that is until people mention it and by people I mean usually my dad. I can’t say it’s the nicest thing to hear regularly and it has often got me down so when he offered to pay for me to get them sorted we went and looked into it.

Getting Braces at 29
My regular dentist recommend Overleigh Orthodontics in Chester so that’s where we went. They had a pretty extensive waiting list and I was given an appointment for around about 2 months. September 7th rolled around and off I went for my consolation. I have three problem teeth, two on the top front and one on the lower front - after the orthodontist had, had a look he said that the top were fine to go ahead with but if I wanted to do the bottom as well then I would need two teeth taken out, then two more on the top to even things out.

As people rarely see my bottom teeth I decided against that and just went to straightening the top. I had my moulds, photos and x-rays taken there and then and booked in to have the brace fitted.

Getting Braces at 29

Wednesday September 28th I went to get my brace fitted, it only took around 20 minutes for the brace to be fitted and then about 5 minutes for the dental nurse to give me my ‘goodie bag’ and go over how to keep them clean and what I can and can’t eat. For the price you pay for a little bit of metal in your mouth the goodie bag is good, but could be better the price of things these days.

I hadn’t been long but as soon as I got in the car and had a proper look at them i disliked them instantly and the more I looked at them, the more I didn’t like them, but I guess as everyone keeps saying I will eventually get used the them. 

The past couple of weeks I have slowly gotten used to have the braces, my teeth and gums often hurt and are tender, as well as rubbing on my lip, although thankfully *touch wood* I haven’t had any blisters. Even though I have gotten used to having them on, I still hate them and the way they make me feel. I hate to smile, or laugh and if I’m out eating at a restaurant I hate to even talk for fear of food being stuck in my teeth.

Getting Braces at 29

I won’t post too often about this, I was thinking about maybe posting every couple of months or around when I have them tightened, It would be great to find out if any of you guys have had braces as an adult. This is also a kind of log for myself to be able to see my progress in a little more detail than my bullet journal where I have limited the space.

Have you had braces? How did you find them?

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