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When In Mystic Falls: Covington

Covington, GA, USA
So with The Vampire Diaries season 8 premiere airing last week I figured it was probably about time that I get this post written up. A couple of months back I had the opportunity to visit Covington, or to you and me ‘Mystic Falls’. The only downside was that I had around 2 to 3 hours to visit Covington on the way to North Carolina.

Wickery Bridge
The Vampire Diaries
5090 Klondike Road, Lithonia
Firstly we mapped out the location they use as ‘Wickery Bridge’ and thankfully my dad puts up with my craziness and agreed to go find the bridge, I had to map out this place to the closest house as there isn’t an address for the bridge itself. Thankfully after a tiny wrong turn we made it. We parked down the road and walked back to the bridge but just be aware that this is an actual road which can be fairly busy.

The Vampire Diaries

Conyers is just on the way to Covington and it’s where The Originals and Sleepy Hollow (Season 3+) film and I really wanted to see the place they used as New Orleans, I also had one photo that I needed to take here. This was such a sleepy town and I wish I’d have had more time to venture around this beautiful little place. It was so quiet though that we saw about 5 people including the Sheriff.

Mystic Grill
The Vampire Diaries
1116 Clark Street
If you ever happen to find yourself in Covington you have to go to the Mystic Grill, any fans of TVD can’t not go in there, their menu is pretty small but oh my, their food is to die for. When you walk in it does look a little different from what you’d expect but the bar over to the right is where Damon and Alaric sit when they are drowning their sorrows - they even have a chair at the bar with a plaque on the back for Alaric just like they did in the show.

The Vampire Diaries
1116 Clark Street
The staff here were lovely and so used to having TVD fans in there, they even let me go behind the bar to take this photo. They said it was fine to wander around taking photo’s but we only had two hours and there were so many more places I wanted to see. The outside of the Mystic Grill looks pretty much like it does on the show, only I was expecting it to be a lot larger.

The Square
The Vampire Diaries

The name pretty much says it all, this has been the setting for many a TVD scene and is a square in the middle of this lovely little town, there are seats and a grass area all around, just like you see on the TV. I had around 4 photos to take here and they weren’t as easy to aline as I would have liked, plus not having time on my side was a pain. It is very much somewhere I could see myself sitting on a sunny day with my laptop or journal and just spending the day there. 

There are shops surrounding this area but unfortunately we decided to come look around on a Sunday when everything is closed, I believe that if you go into the antiques shop then you can get tour maps and merchandise for the show. If I remember rightly it was the Mystic Grill and an Ice Cream shop that were open. On the upside all the parking around there is free for two hours and they have free wifi.

Dotted all around the square in front of the shops are names of actors and films/TV shows etched into the sidewalk. Of course TVD actors are there and I remembered this last minute when I spotted Paul Wesley so I managed to quickly take some photos of some.

Lockwood Mansion
The Vampire Diaries
2176 Monticello Street SW
This is the Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast or to us TVD fans, it’s the Lockwood Mansion., it is a short walk from the square This is a private B&B and fans are specifically asked not to go onto the property unless they are staying in the B&B. The only other way to get in here is to pay for the Walker Stalker tour as they have an agreement with the B&B and are allowed on the property. I managed to take some cheeky photos from the sidewalk and the carpark.

Elena’s House
The Vampire Diaries
2104 Flood Street NE
You can’t go all that way and not go and visit Elena’s house, I would say that about the Salvatore Mansion but unfortunately that property was ripped down over a year ago now so it no longer exists. But Elena’s house is actually just a short walk off the square.

I believe that Caroline’s house is actually pretty close to Elena's but again I was pushed for time and we drove to Elena’s as we were leaving so I only just managed to fit this in.

Visitors Centre
The Vampire Diaries

This was my last port of call before the long drive to Wilmington, the Visitors Centre was closed with it being a Sunday but the sign is up front for all to see and take photos with. My dad thought I was pretty crazy taking a photo with a sign, but how can you not when you’re there. 

I found all of the address locations online, I just used google and managed to find all the places fairly easy. If Could do it all over again I would definitely stay in Covington for the night rather than in Atlanta itself so that I had more time to explore. 

I would love to know if you have been here, or want to?

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