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PG Tips Fruit Teas

Wales, UK
I’m not sure I can call myself a blogger these days, I haven’t posted anything in a month, I can’t even say I’ve been having a break I just lost all motivation, but I’m back and determined to get some good posts up.

PG Tips Fruit Teas

Last month my mum bought a box of 160 PG tips which were on offer and this little beauty came with it. Knowing that I love fruit teas she gave it to me. There are 4 different teas included in this little box:- Red Berries, Blackcurrant, Lemon and Ginger and Camomile. The box contains 16 tea bags, 4 of each flavour.

PG Tips Fruit Teas

I tried the Red Berries one first - well I'm guessing it was Red Berries as their not actually labelled. It was a lovely flavour, with a subtle taste of vanilla. I really enjoyed this tea.

Next up was the Camomile tea, which in all honesty was just like any other Camomile. Don’t get me wrong I love Camomile tea but I find most of the time it doesn’t matter about the brand, Camomile is fairly similar across the board.

I figured I should probably get the Lemon and Ginger out of the way, I’m not really a fan of Ginger but I love Lemon so it was a 50/50 chance. Just as I thought though, I didn’t like it at all, you could barely taste any lemon. This one unfortunately was not for me, and the remaining tea bags will probably go straight into the trash. 

Lastly there was Blackcurrant which I kind of had high hopes for and as delicious as it was it was pretty similar to the Red Berries - I am assuming that they all came in the correct compartments and it was the Blackcurrant I had, but who knows.

PG Tips Fruit Teas

I find a lot of the time with fruit teas it takes a while for the flavours to come out so I always leave the tea bag in while I drink it but I don’t actually think you need to with these ones, they are actually very well flavoured. I would actually go out and buy these, especially the Blackcurrant and Red Berries - they are delicious. 

What’s your take on fruit teas?

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