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Creation's Once Upon A Time In Vancouver

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hello all, Hope you are all enjoying your day and I'm sorry this post is a little late. On my old blog I used to write up blog posts for the conventions I had been to, and seeing as I intend this blog to be about everything I enjoy and not just certain things I figured - why not carry on that tradition. Plus it keeps me writing while I’m out and about from home.

Anyway enough of my rambling, I was always kind of on the fence about going to this convention, seeing as it was a Once Upon A Time convention in Vancouver (where they film so we can meet them for free) but Groupon actually did a deal where you could get tickets half price so a couple of us figured why not, we do love a good convention an all.

Creation's Once Upon A Time In Vancouver
Liam Garrigan (King Arthur)

I’ve never actually been to a convention outside of Europe so I had no idea what to expect, but the company are known for their Supernatural conventions so I guess I was hoping that everything would run smoothly and that the day would be well planned out. I do know though that the convention didn’t sell well - but at the same time why would it when you can go and watch them film down the road and meet them for free?!

In my opinion they should have focused more on the guest stars of the show, the actors that are no longer current, and are harder to meet than the main cast, anyone who has been to a convention knows that usually main cast are what sells a convention but in this instance I think it was a bad call, but having said that I still really like the fact that they offer day tickets and you don’t have to invest for the whole weekend.

Creation's Once Upon A Time In Vancouver
Sean Maguire (Robin Hood)
Registration was easy, we arrived and joined the queue and were registered within about 5-10 minutes, no problems at all. The event was sectioned off in a small area of the hotel.

This was my first creation convention and I have always heard good things about them from the supernatural conventions that they do. So in all honesty I was kind of expecting it to be run very precisely, and it wasn't badly run, some things I think I would have done differently but all in all the day went pretty well. 

The autographs were set up in the main hall where the panels had been. Some were in the backstage area behind a curtain and some were next to the stage in front of the seats which were all still there so there wasn't exactly a huge amount of room. People were called by pass and row for Lee, Sean and Robbie who were all behind the curtain then once you had been in there you could come back out and go to Liam and Sinqua who were up the front.

Creation's Once Upon A Time In Vancouver
Colin O'Donoghue (Captain Hook)
Colin was behind the curtain on the other side and he only had tickets so people were then called by their ticket number which could collide with their pass for the other guests. Everyone received everything they had paid for but for me it just didn't seem to flow like autographs have done at other conventions I have attended. 

People who had bought the gold pass had 7 autographs included in their pass and they were allowed to gift those autographs to other people, only they had to take their friend up to the table and say that they were gifting their autograph - a friend of mine gave me one of hers but there was a lot of waiting around because I couldn't do anything without her, it was all simple enough with them marking off her pass but I personally find it works better for me set out differently. 

Creation's Once Upon A Time In Vancouver
Sinqua Walls & Liam Garrigan (Lancelot & King Arthur)
The photos I thought were very good quality and they were a great size. Over the years I've had a verity of good and bad photos for many reasons and these days the amount that they charge for photo ops - you want a good photo at the end of it. I can't really fault them at all on the photos, we were told the standard of no poses/props and as usual we didn't listen, we never do.

For once, it was a pretty small convention, when you have 2,000 attendees I understand you need to be quick about it but there wasn't and we had brought props with us so we went with it. If the guest said no then fair enough but if you don't ask, you don't get. 

Creation's Once Upon A Time In Vancouver
Colin O'Donoghue & Sean Maguire (Captain Hook & Robin Hood)
Lee Arenberg (who plays Grumpy) was the MC for the weekend, and he was okay, and better than some I've seen before. The first panel was Liam and Sinqua, people would ask questions to the boys but Lee would also answer or add something to nearly every question, if I'm watching a Liam and Sinqua panel I want to hear them, and only them, no one else regardless of who they are. If they're not apart of the panel I don't want to hear what they have to say. As harsh as it may sound, but that’s just me. Lee got better throughout the day with the other panels, he interrupted a lot less.

Overall the day was actually a good one, we had fun and we all loved how our photos turned out.

Do you go to conventions? Would you want to go to one?


  1. Wow this looks like fun. I haven never been to a convention like this. My son would love to go to Comic Con. It was on when we were in San Diego last. I've never been to Vancover, do you like living there?

    1. Thank you for reading :) I tried to get tickets for San Diego Comic Con it's so hard to get them. There are plenty of Comic Cons all over the UK, we actually have one here in Wrexham twice a year. Vancouver is a lovely city, if you have the chance you should go there :) Yeah I liked living there, it's just hard when your friends and family are so far away :) ♥

  2. It sounds so fun! I have only been to one convention- it was a Doctor Who one in 1996!!!

    1. I have been to so many, they're great fun :)


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