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Marianas Trench: Live at the Pacific Coliseum

Vancouver, BC, Canada
I’m not sure how many of you actually read or are bothered by my music posts but I enjoy writing them, so here is another for the awesome band Marianas Trench. It’ll probably be a little more toned down that If I had written it straight after the concert, I wasn’t exactly best pleased with some aspects on the night, but on the upside I did manage to get some pretty cool photos (see said photos throughout the post)

Marianas Trench

Moving on, let’s start with the fact that my friend and I had booked VIP tickets - costing us a hefty $224 CAD, which in my opinion VIP or not it’s still a large amount. We were told to be there no later than 3 o'clock as if you arrived after that you would not be allowed in - I think it was around 3:40 when we were actually let inside the venue (strike one). Next as you went in you were given your little goodie bag which included a pre-signed picture (okay so it may not have been within the time to autograph them there and then personally but I still would have preferred that) it also came with two pin badges, which I music say are very cute, a wrist band that will probably live out its days in a drawer somewhere in my house and finally an iron on thing which just has the bands name, cool, yeah If you have something to iron it on to, that will also probably spend its time with the wrist band. On a whole though I have to say that the goodie bag is not actually as bad as I’m trying to make it out to be.
Marianas Trench

Next on the agenda was the sound check, and please correct me if I’m wrong (because I’m only assuming, I've never been to one before) but I thought a sound check was where you got to go down on the floor and watch as the band rehearsed?? So as you can imagine my disappointment when we all stood upstairs and listened, we couldn't actually see anything and to top it off they only sang part of one song. That did not put me in the best mood what so ever. Surely they could have at least finished the song.

Marianas Trench

Shortly after the sound check we were then moved down to the arena floor for the Q&A with the band. I know that Josh (the lead singer for those of you who don’t already know) has a fairly big and extravagant personality so I was kind of what I was expecting, only for me the other 3 guys looked like they didn’t even need to be on the stage, they didn’t really say a whole lot. They chipped in a little here and there but it was mainly Josh doing all the talking (sad times for me as Mike is my favourite). People asked all the usual generic questions, but my friend did ask about them coming to the UK and they have a tour in the works for the fall (you brits should check them out - Josh’s voice live is phenomenal). Within the Q&A they same a song from the fix me album, I recognised it but I don’t know much from that album.

Marianas Trench

(apologises for the long-ass post) Finally we were taken off to queue up for our photo ops and kudos to the boys they did what I asked for (the eyes closed is a joke with my friends and I because I always blink in photos). I like how it turned out - granted it took them 5 days to upload them and they’re not exactly HQ but there’s not really much I can do about that. Then we got kicked out for two hours, not sure why we couldn’t have just sat in our seats, but what do I know.

Marianas Trench

Finally we got back in there for the concert, we missed half of the second support act “Walk Off The Earth” they were amazing, I would love to see them do a full set. Then there was Marianas Trench. The show on a whole was fantastic and boy oh boy does Josh Ramsey have one hell of a voice on him. He’s very over the top and dramatic but it all adds to the performance. They sang songs mostly from the new album Astoria (If you don't have it already, why not? Go out there and buy it - I promise it’s worth the money) but there were some others from Ever After. If you don’t already know being at a concert, or listening to live music is my favourite place to be in the world. 

Marianas Trench

I don’t want to ramble on too much, so I guess i’ll leave it there and hope that you all take my recommendation and at least go and YouTube the boys and give them a chance. Although the day didn’t quite go how I expected, and I still don’t think the VIP was worth the money but over all the concert made up for things.

Who are your favourite bands to see live? 
Can you recommend any music for me to listen too?

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