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Set It Off: Live at Vogue

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Things have been a little hectic lately and I have so many new posts that need writing up but I just haven’t so I am re-using an old one from last year. Set It Off’s new single Uncontainable is out today so everyone head over to iTunes and check it out. Apologies for the awful photos, they were taken on my phone.

I love music. I can’t sing and I can’t play any instruments but I love music and finding new music. There’s nothing like listening to a song for the first time and instantly falling in love with it. When I first listen to an album I usually choose my favourite songs on that first listen and more often than not they remain my favourite songs on the album.

I think live music can be one of the most amazing things, so when I’m going to a concert I often try and listen to the support acts so I can get to know their music and either appreciate them while they’re on stage or find another band I love, it’s a win-win - some of my favourite bands (including my favourite) I first saw as a support act. So this time around was no different although I only managed to listen to one of the support acts before hand.

I typed ‘Set It Off’ into YouTube and just clicked on the first song that came up, which was ‘Forever Stuck In Our Youth’ and I just fell in love with their sound, so I kept clicking on different songs listening to more and more and eventually just downloaded their albums and put them straight onto my iPod. They were all I listened to for weeks on end, and I still love listening to them over and over.

Bleak December is my favourite and as soon as I heard it I just knew that was going to be my favourite. Why Worry and Wolf In Sheep's Clothing are also up there on my favourites list. If you like bands such as All Time Low, You Me At Six or Paramore then I recommend that you give these guys a go, they are well worth it, and if you’re not a fan of these kinds of bands then go and listen anyway - what have you got to lose?!

Fast forward to the All Time Low concert in Vancouver on September 27th 2015. I was pretty excited to see Set It Off (although their merchandise was a little disappointing, I’ll have to buy the things I want online instead) and for me they didn’t disappoint. My friends weren’t so keen but I throughly enjoyed their performance, Cody’s voice is just amazing and I would love to see them do a full set.

I wish I’d have maybe got stuck in, in the crowd for these guys but we were stood at the back. Although I do have to say the Vancouver crowd wasn’t nearly as energetic as the UK crowds, there was no pushing and shoving and no mosh pits much to my disappointment, although Cody made the most of it by crowd surfing and then even lilo surfing on the crowd. Not sure I would trust a bunch of teenagers to not drop me. 

I would totally recommend that you guys go and take a listen to them. Just search them on YouTube or you can download their albums on iTunes.
  • Horrible Kids
  • Calm Before The Storm
  • Cinematic Deluxe
  • Cinematic Expanded
  • Duality
  • Duality: Stories Unplugged

Do you like this band? What are your thoughts?


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