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Happy Saint David's Day Fellow Welshies

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Happy Saint David's Day
to all my fellow Welshies.

Hello everyone, so I actually have no excuses this time, I could have written countless posts over the past couple of weeks. I guess my motivation has gone again, I'm very much one of those people that needs to get a little something back when I put myself out there, I know a lot of it has to do with me, my writing and my promotion of myself but sometimes I guess I just find it hard. I have so many ideas but no creativity to write anything at the moment and I really would like that to change. 

Having said that I want to try and branch out a little and try writing new things only I feel like my writing and photos aren't really up to scratch. I would appreciate any tips and help anyone can give me. I suppose there isn't really much to this post other than my trying to explain where I have been over the past couple of weeks and why I have no new posts. 

My aim for this week is to get some posts written up and from next week get back to posting twice a week. I’ll be taking my mum to the airport to go back home on Thursday and I have a convention this coming weekend but after that I should be back on track. So hopefully you’ll all stick with me.

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