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Heels Over Head

Vancouver, BC, Canada
So not impressed right now, Wrote out this whole post and some other things on Outlook and it managed to remove the email before I could send it myself to put up tonight. Now I have to start again – although I can’t really complain I’m currently covering a reception for the day and I’m allowed to sit here and write this so I guess it’s not all bad.

Anyway, as I wrote last time, I’m not really a fashion blogger, not because Fashion doesn’t interest me but because I’m awkward. Give me a camera and I can take a thousand photographs, but put me in front of the camera and I just turn to jelly. I have no idea whatsoever how to pose properly or even what to do regarding my limbs – so I roped in my friend Rose (Peekaboo-Vintage) who is a fashion blogger to help me along.

We set out late morning and headed into the city (of Vancouver) to take some photos, we stopped at a couple of locations and she guided me on how to pose, in between my laughing and joking around she managed to get me to stand still long enough to take some nice photos.

I have added the average price for each item in both Canadian Dollars and British Pounds as I bought some items back home and brought them with me and I bought some items here.

I bought this jacket not long after I arrived in Vancouver and for the first month or so I wore it everywhere, but as the colder wear set in it wasn’t as practical as my coat. I love that this jacket has the look of a hoodie inside but it’s all stitched in so it’s not as bulky and warm as it may appear.

Jacket – Urban Planet ($25 / £12.50)

I have had this t-shirt for a number of years and I bought it at a Boys Like Girls concert back home, It’s a little on the big side for me, I prefer t-shirts to be more fitted but still one of my favourite t-shirts to wear.

T-shirt – Boys Like Girls ($40 / £20)

I loved this skirt the minute I saw it (I have a similar one in white), I love lace so when I saw it I couldn’t not buy it, although much to my dismay the lace picks up everything, If I wear a jumper then it picks up bobbles off the jumper and they’re hard to get off so as much as I love this skirt it isn’t the greatest quality.

Skirt – Urban Planet ($15 / £7.50)

Who doesn’t love Primark, a little sad that there isn’t one over here. I love these tights from there, they’re fairly thick and they have little socks in them so they’re thicker on your feet – granted you can’t wear some shoes but they’re comfortable tights so that’s all that matters.

Tights – Primark ($6 / £3)

One of my favourite things I’ve bought since moving to Vancouver, they are extremely comfortable and I wear them at least a couple of times a week, nearly every day if I’m working.

Boots – Call It Spring ($33 / £16.50)

Thanks for reading my first fashion post, I would love to know what your thought?

(photos were taken by Rose)

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