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When Rose Took Me Thrifting

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Good morning all, firstly apologies for my lack of posts between new year and now, my friend moving over to Vancouver and the fact that my landlord had gone away and we use their internet and it decided to play up while he was away - so here I am over 5 weeks later with a new post. 

My good friend Rose (Peekaboo-Vintage) took me thrifting the other week. She is somewhat of an expect in my books, she managed to get me rummaging through and looking for things, we had a whole basket full of things between us and naturally as you do, you want to go and try these clothes on before you buy them (as you would in any store). 

We had so much stuff to try I ended up getting myself into a confrontation with some other customers waiting to try on their things - there really was no need for them to be rude towards me, and it really riled me up when one lady said maybe we should make some room for the adults, correct me if I’m wrong but I thought being 28 I was an adult, so after that I didn’t even get to try on the jumpers and huffed and puffed and put them back on the rail. Rude people annoy me, manners don’t actually cost you anything you know.

So after my little rant there I guess you want to see the clothes I actually did buy. I love them and although the jeans are super low I love everything I bought and I can’t wait to get out and about and wear them.

Jeans - $12.99 (approximately £6.50)

Cardigan - $7.99 (approximately £4.00)

White Dress - $7.99 (approximately £4.00)

Black Dress - $7.99 (approximately £4.00)

Blue Dress - $9.99 (approximately £5.00)

All in all It was a pretty successful day.
(Photos were taken by Rose - Peekaboo-Vintage because I was too lazy to get off the sofa and take them myself)


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