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Merry Christmas #StationeryLoversXmas

Vancouver, BC, Canada

So excited to unwrap these
Happy Holidays everyone.

I hope your all enjoying the festivities wherever you are in the world. So as I am currently living in Vancouver this year I haven’t actually had many presents to share with you, I pretty much just asked for money so I could get myself a new iPhone (which I love and am thankful to be back with apple). So I decided to join in with a stationary swap for christmas, all put together by Eleanor of ELMROCKS. Eleanor and I did a swap and here are the amazingly cute things she sent me.
  • 5 Pencils
  • Notebook
  • Stickers
  • Sticky-Notes
  • Mirror

Cute Pencils
Eleanor wrapped everything up lovely (who doesn’t love having something to open). Firstly I opened up the pencils, there were 3 wrapped together and the other two followed later. The pencils are all different. One looks very much like a pen - which is what I thought it was at first, it has a lovely floral design with a cute little tassel on the end. The other 4 all have lovely quotes on them, they’re such cute little things, sayings to make you smile. Seeing as I currently only have one pencil in amongst my mass amount of pens these were very much needed.

Red - You Got This
White - Start Something
Pink - I Am Actually Awesome
Blue - Today Will Be Good

Notebook, Pencil and Mirror
I am always buying notebooks, I can’t help it I’m addicted to them so this one was very much appreciated. It is a small pale green with a quote on the front “today I am excited about everything” which is perfect to keep my blog notes with me on the go, it will fit into all my bags nicely. The notebook was made by Elsie & Nell which I believe is a UK shop you can find online.

So I brought a little mirror out to Vancouver with me, not much bigger than this one and do you think I can find it, it’s nowhere to be seen so yet another gift off Eleanor which I needed. You’ll also see a reassuring theme here, most of the items I received have lovely, uplifting quotes on them and the mirror is no exception.

Stickers & Sticky Notes
Who doesn’t love stickers, everyone loves stickers (right?) I also have an addiction to stickers and cannot stop buying them so these are a welcome gift. Also are these sticky notes so cute, I’m always scribbling on random pieces of paper so these will come in super handy, they’re also a great size to carry around with you daily.

My Gorgeous Gifts
Thank you again to Eleanor at ELMROCKS for organising the swap and for sending me some lovely things, I love them all and can’t wait to get using them.

Did you join in with this swap? Have you done anything like this before?


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