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Motivational Monday #1

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Good morning, evening or afternoon - wherever you are in the world. so I’m going to be trying something new on Mondays. i have been a couple of people making posts with inspirational quotes or poems or lyrics and I really like this idea and it’s something I could do with myself. Mondays and I don’t really get along so this might be something good for me.

So the aim is to post the quote (or whatever it is that week) and then post a paragraph of how it inspires me and makes me feels. I will always credit the person/people when I post something (If I can) so lets being shall we. Week one couldn’t be anything other than these lyrics:
Motivational Monday
Weightless - All Time Low
These are the opening lyrics from a song called Weightless by All Time Low, It’s my favourite song and the lyrics of this song really resinate with me. For me personally this song made me realise that I can't keep sitting around waiting for life to come to me I had to stand up and go out there and make things happen. Which was when I decided to go to Australia on my own and that was a big thing for me and now I’m living in Canada, I’m experiencing life and not waiting around to get old.

These first four lines always make me smile and remember all the amazing things I have been able to do so far in my life. (I even have ‘turn a page, I'm a book half unread’ tattooed on my ribs) to which I have a lot of ‘thats very deep and meaningful’ comments when I tell people and it’s actually not its just my reminder to go out and grab life by the horns and make the most of every situation.


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